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Make Your Company One of the Best Places to Work

August 24, 2021

Every year, business journals and internet websites publish lists of the best places to work compiled from employee surveys, management interviews, and the observations of professors and financial reporters.

And while offering a competitive salary and benefits is important for attracting and retaining top employees, money is oftentimes not the most significant factor when someone chooses to join, or leave, your company.

Here are several ideas to consider for making your company one of the best places to work:

  • Treat employees as assets. In the best companies, employees matter and they know it. Providing employees with necessary training, acknowledging outstanding work, and creating a healthy and upbeat workplace demonstrate to team members that they’re valued.
  • Show fairness. No, life isn’t always fair, but many of the best companies strive to treat employees as equitably as possible. This applies, of course, to hiring and promotion decisions, but might also include sharing the firm’s success through a structured and transparent bonus plan.
  • Share the successes. People enjoy working with a team that accomplishes something significant. Create this type of work environment and you’ll foster company loyalty. Strive to make everything you do, and everyone you employ, an integral part of the firm’s mission. And when goals are met, celebrate!
  • Invest in your values. Your company needs to live by its core values every day. By living and breathing your core values, your company demonstrates that it stands for something more than just profits. But core values that are not shared and part of hiring decisions often lead to failure. So know yours and communicate them to everyone!
  • Provide opportunities. No one looks forward to a dead end job. And for some employees, opportunities don’t always mean desiring a promotion. Some workers may just want a different challenge. Give your workers an adventure to anticipate by finding ways to expand their horizons. For example, you might provide cross training to develop new skills or encourage innovation.

Even if you can’t offer the best compensation package on the planet, satisfied workers can help propel your company forward. And they’ll let their talented friends know that your company is one of the best places to work!

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