Allinial Global

Allinial Global is an association of accounting and consulting firms whose members reinforce client service by exchanging expertise, resources, and experienced advice in a wide range of industries. Founded in 1969, Allinial Global has 191 member firms – providing a total of 4,035 Partners and 22,419 Staff members. Allinial Global has 538 member firm locations and is located in 71 different countries generating over $3.024 billion in collective revenues. Allinial Global helps member firms serve their clients’ business needs anywhere in the world, at any time.

Allinial Global provides dedicated regional liaisons with extensive connections in the Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), and Asia-Pacific. It also promotes connectivity through global relationships with both individual and organizational members and partners. Through Allinial Global, members can partner with international firms that hold themselves to the same high standards.

Every Allinial Global member is an independently owned firm that’s passed the high threshold of association membership. Though each accepted firm excels in its own right, the strong relationships developed between peer firms combined with a free and fruitful exchange of ideas ultimately advance all of our members’ service outcomes.

Riney Hancock CPAs ensures our continual competitive improvement in the ever-evolving business landscape by taking advantage of Allinial Global’s professional development and technical training, thought leadership, and industry-specialized resources.

Most important, though, is the shared Allinial Global commitment to a client-centric focus. Other accounting associations may rely solely on a member firm’s location to find a solution for their clients.

At Allinial Global, we pursue solutions based on both the location and industry expertise of the firm, even if that solution exists outside the Allinial Global membership. We will leverage our membership to find the best solutions to your business needs, not just an adequate solution.

At Riney Hancock CPAs, our goal is to be your most client-focused advisors, both locally and globally. Allinial Global helps us deliver.

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