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Transportation & Utilities

Companies and government entities that deal in transportation and public utilities often must make business decisions intrinsically unique to these industries.

  • How do I prepare for competition in a deregulated marketplace?
  • Should I use owner-operator, leased, or company-owned equipment?
  • In what states should I be filing tax returns?

There is no one answer that will suit all transportation or public utility companies. Riney Hancock CPAs is dedicated to working closely with individual clients to develop a strategic plan for business efficiency and profitability.

Our highly-trained staff closely monitors industry-specific issues, such as utility rates studies, federal and state record-keeping compliance, and multiple state apportionment and tax matters, to provide our clients with solid business advice for a strong financial future.

The nature of our transportation and public utilities services goes well beyond the traditional audit and tax services. To learn more about the services that we offer to our transportation and public utilities clients, contact us to learn how we can help your business.